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The Friends For Unified Police K9 is a Non-Profit tax-exempt public charity recognized under 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Your donation is tax deductible (Tax ID # 26-2182096).

We founded the Friends for Unified Police K9 to assist in the purchase of service animals to be used for public safety throughout Salt Lake County. Fiscal constraints typically make it difficult to purchase service animals in an expeditious manner. The high demand for service animals by the military makes it extremely hard to find quality canine for law enforcement. “Friends” allows an avenue for immediate selection and reimbursement for quality canine. We are dedicated to supporting our canine partners. Here are just a few other ways your donations helps us accomplish our goals:

Specialized Equipment

Ballistic vests (Avg. cost $2,300.00)

Paw protection

Tracking & lifting Harness


Cooling Equipment

Cement Pads for kennels


Large air crates

Specialized K9 Training & Schools.

It is imperative that K9 teams train continuously to increase their effectiveness for deployments. K9 teams are not able to attend all available training due to budget restraints. “Friends” allows opportunity to attend additional training, including hosting training for outside agencies throughout the state of Utah.

Sponsor Upcoming Training Opportunities.

LAWDOG2010 Feb 2010 -- $250 admission per handler 

CTA Tracking Academy April 2010 -- $550 per K9 tracking/trailing team

Explosive Detection School April 2010 -- $500 per detection team

Retired K9 Care

“Friends” cares deeply and recognizes the unselfish dedication of service animals. Years of jumping fences and physical confrontations often cause retired canine to suffer serious medical issues such as arthritis and hip problems. Retired canine have limited reimbursement and the handlers typically pay the expenses on their own. Your donations allow us to supplement the quality of life for our retired canine partners.

Any donation is greatly appreciated. We would like to recognize those who contribute $25.00 or more by adding your name or business name to our sponsor page.

To make a donation click the PayPal button or mail a check to 2376 Cinnabar Lane Salt Lake City, Utah 84121