“Friends” helps build kennel pads for Police K9 - April 200

Friends for S.L. County K9 assists the K9 unit with kennel pads.

Last fall the “Friends” organization assisted the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office K9 Unit by building kennel pads for K9 “Sita” and K9 “Onyx”. 

The concrete pads are easy to keep clean and provide a secure and sanitary environment for the working dogs. Volunteers set forms and assisted with labor and finish work for each pad while others delivered the concrete from AA U-cart. Both pads were finished in an afternoon and the handlers couldn’t be happier.

“I would like to take the opportunity to thank those that contributed in helping make our dog’s home a little more comfortable. The addition of the concrete slab makes it cleaner for our dogs, which helps keep our dogs happy and healthy”.

Thank you for your continued support
Detective Jeff Leslie - S. L. County Sheriff’s Office
Explosive Detector K9 “Onyx”

A special thanks for our volunteers:
Captain Jaren Tame (Corrections Bureau)
Sgt. Randy Thomas (K9 Unit Supervisor)
Dep. David Kochanowski (Concrete finisher extraordinaire)
Dep. Jason Ackerman (Assistant concrete finisher- in training)
Correctional Officer David Rohde