New Cadaver K9 Prospect - December 2009

Recently the Unified Police Department began a search for a new dog to work in the detection of human remains, or “cadaver work”. K9 Lacey is getting older and she is starting to show it after extended searches. The search for quality dogs can take you anywhere in the state, country, or the world. 

In that search I located a local breeder, Michelle Lindstrom in Riverton. The parents of the litter had a distinguished pedigree and one little female lab stood out. After putting Remi through a series of selection tests she was chosen as the new detection dog.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Remi for several months. I am very impressed with her natural ability and training potential. Michelle was a pleasure to work with and I am very excited to see the quality of pups coming from her kennel.

K9 Handler - Detective April Morse