Midvale K9 “Koda” Killed in the Line of Duty - Jan 2010

Tribute to Koda

Our community recently lost police service dog Koda in the line of duty. Our hearts go out to Midvale Police, Koda’s partner, his family and everyone who has worked or known police service dog Koda. The dog truly is man’s best friend. These dogs work side by side with us, live with us, and are very much a part of our families. Koda gave his life, saving the lives of the officers.

Police service dogs are a huge benefit to the Law Enforcement community as well as the public. The police service dogs are very loyal and will defend our lives with their own. In the past 40 years over 140 canines lost their lives in the line of duty, due to gunfire. These dogs paid the ultimate sacrifice for the officers and the community. 

The dangers of being a police officer are paramount. We put our lives on the line everyday. The police service dog helps us do our job more effectively, thoroughly and safely. The dogs keen sense of smell and ability to hunt, lead us to some of the most dangerous criminals. Making ours one of the most dangerous jobs, in law enforcement. 

Although the Midvale incident was tragic, Koda saved lives by sacrificing his own. 

Don’t grieve for me I served you well. 
I loved you more than you could ever tell. 
I am now an angel in blue. 
I laid my life on the line for you. 
I wore my badge with honor every day, 
to keep citizens safe and out of harms way. 
so when you see a badge worn with pride, 
remember their comrades and friends that have died

-Author Unknown-