“Friends” recognizes Cadaver Working Dog Group - February 2010

Cadaver K9 Team

In a missing persons case it is hard to prove a crime happened without some evidence. In cases where a dead body will be the likely outcome of a search, cadaver dogs are used to search, rather than standard search and rescue dogs. Why? Because a search and rescue dog is trained to find living humans, and not detect decomposing flesh. 

Cadaver dogs are trained to locate and follow the scent of decomposing human flesh. Not a pretty thought, but their job is vital to both families of the victims, and to a justice system that oftentimes needs a body to prove a crime. 

It isn't just crime investigations that use cadaver dogs. In disasters as well, these dogs are used in conjunction with canine search and rescue teams to locate both victims and survivors of disasters, natural and otherwise.

The Unified Police Department is proud to be a member of a dedicated group of cadaver dog teams that have gained an excellent reputation within the state of Utah and is often called upon by Federal, State and local agencies for their expertise. 

Special thanks from the Friends of Unified Police K9 to a dedicated group! Listed Left to Right.

Deputy Wally Hendricks (Carbon County Sheriff’s Office) & K9 “Tug”
Tina Hendricks & K9 “Thumper”
Jennifer Lopez & K9 “Ni'Jon”
Brenda Mehl & K9 “Abbie”
Misty Atkinson & K9 “Sunny”
Officer April Morse (Unified Police Dept.) & K9 “Lacey”
Mona Dean (Retired Duchesne Cnty.) & K9 “Goofy”
Janarie Cammans (Price City Fire Dept.) & K9 “Callie”
Bret Cammans (Price City Fire Dept.) & K9 “Tank”